Design & Planning

Unleash Creativity, Achieve Design Excellence.

At TONA, we offer comprehensive design services that encompass every aspect of your project. Our team of experienced designers is dedicated to delivering exceptional design solutions that meet your vision and exceed your expectations.

Compliance with regulations and best practices is of utmost importance to us. We ensure that all design elements are in full compliance with applicable regulations, creating spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also safe and functional.


Space Planning

Understanding the significance of your wants and needs, we engage in in-depth discussions to explore your requirements and develop tailored solutions for the overall space planning. With our in-house design service, we provide extensive support throughout the project, ensuring seamless integration of design elements into the fit out process.


Our Design Team

Our design capabilities extend to 2D and 3D planning, drawings, and visualisations, enabling you to envision your space before construction begins. Site surveys are conducted to gain a comprehensive understanding of the environment, allowing us to optimise design elements for maximum impact.

We believe in the power of presentations and samples to bring concepts to life. Our team delivers compelling presentations and provides samples, allowing you to experience the materials and finishes firsthand.

Collaboration is key, and we work closely with your in-house teams, including facilities and branding, to align design elements with your corporate identity and objectives. We strive to create flexible workspaces that promote dynamic neighbourhoods within existing floor plates, enhancing productivity and fostering a sense of community.

With TONA, you can trust that our design expertise will transform your space into an inspiring and functional environment that reflects your unique brand and accommodates your evolving needs.


TONA Commercial Interiors


What our clients say…

From the moment we engaged with TONA’S services, I knew we were in capable hands. 

We worked with TONA to create a workspace for our client that not only exudes professionalism but also fostered productivity and creativity among their employees. Right from the initial consultation, TONA’s team displayed an impressive level of expertise and professionalism. They took the time to understand the company culture, values, and unique requirements, which allowed them to create a customised plan that perfectly aligned with their vision. Their attention to detail and willingness to listen to our clients’ needs were commendable.

The design phase was a collaborative process. They presented us with a variety of innovative design concepts, each catering to different aspects of our client’s business operations. Their ability to balance aesthetics with functionality was remarkable, resulting in a workspace that not only looks stunning but also enhances our client’s team’s efficiency.The TONA team’s professionalism extended to their workforce, as well. The team they employ are highly skilled and courteous, and they maintained a tidy workspace throughout the project’s duration. It was evident that TONA prioritises both quality and customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, I can wholeheartedly recommend TONA Commercial Interiors to any company seeking a top-tier office renovation partner.

Keith Whelan

Project Manager, CBRE