Abbott Vascular

TONA revitalised the canteen and workspaces for 1,700+ staff in Clonmel. The project included canteen refurbishment, meeting pods and booths installation, and coffee dock refurbishment. The result: vibrant, functional spaces that foster staff interaction, collaboration, and productivity.


The Brief

TONA was honored to embark on a comprehensive project in Clonmel alongside Abbott Vascular. The project encompassed two primary goals: refurbishing the canteen and enhancing the workspaces. Our ultimate objective was to create dynamic and functional environments that would meet the requirements of over 1,700 staff members.

Abbott Vascular

The Works

The project commenced with the canteen refurbishment, covering an impressive area of 7,400 sq. ft on a single floor. TONA took charge of supplying and installing loose furniture and bespoke joinery, carefully crafting a space that would cater to the diverse needs of the staff. 

The revitalised canteen aimed to provide a welcoming atmosphere for employees to relax and recharge during breaks.

In addition to the canteen refurbishment, our expertise extended to various open plan offices and canteen spaces throughout the Clonmel campus. We were responsible for the supply and installation of state-of-the-art meeting pods and booths, designed to facilitate collaboration and privacy in a contemporary work setting. Moreover, we undertook the refurbishment of coffee docks, ensuring a comfortable and inviting space for employees to socialise and enjoy their favourite beverages.

Through meticulous planning, impeccable design, and seamless execution, TONA successfully transformed the canteen and workspaces within the Clonmel campus. The revitalised canteen now serves as a vibrant hub for staff interactions, while the upgraded meeting pods, booths, and coffee docks enhance productivity and promote employee well-being.

Our team’s dedication to delivering exceptional quality and exceeding client expectations has made this project a resounding success.



What the client said…

Highly recommend TONA for their exceptional service. We have worked on several projects with Gillian and the team. From precise measurements to timely responses and quotes, their streamlined process makes office furniture installation effortless. They installed and cleaned up with efficiency, ensuring a friendly and hassle-free experience from start to finish.

Lorraine McEvaddy

Facilities Coordinator, HPRA