Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland

Dublin, City Centre.

Spanning two floors with a total area of 25,600 square feet, this project aimed to cater to the needs of 203 staff members in the heart of Dublin city centre.


The Brief

TONA was awarded a public tender to supply office, canteen, and collaboration furniture for the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI). Spanning two floors with a total area of 25,600 square feet, this project aimed to cater to the needs of 203 staff members in the heart of Dublin city centre.

Drawing on our expertise in sustainable design, we carefully selected and supplied furniture that aligned with SEAI’s commitment to energy efficiency and environmental responsibility. Through our meticulous planning and execution, we transformed the office and canteen spaces into functional and sustainable environments that foster collaboration and productivity.

This project, carried out under a public tender, showcases our ability to deliver exceptional solutions while meeting the strict requirements of a public sector project. By combining our expertise in office fit out and design with SEAI’s sustainability goals, we successfully created spaces that reflect their mission and enhance the working experience for their staff.


The Works

In this project, TONA played a vital role under the main contractor’s supervision, closely collaborating with the client’s procurement manager. The installation phase spanned over eight weeks, strategically divided into three phases to align with the main contractor’s phased program and handover requirements. Our dedicated contracts manager took charge of coordinating all logistics and installations, ensuring a streamlined process on a site with restricted access. Throughout the project, our team worked in consultation with the client’s site project manager, fostering effective communication and efficient project management.

By adhering to a well-planned timeline and leveraging our expertise in managing complex installations, TONA successfully delivered the project to meet the main contractor’s program requirements. The meticulous coordination of logistics and installations not only ensured a smooth workflow but also minimised disruptions to the restricted access site. This collaborative approach facilitated efficient project execution, resulting in a successful outcome that met the client’s expectations.

TONA’s role in this project exemplifies our commitment to seamless collaboration, timely installations, and effective project management. Through our expertise and attention to detail, we navigated the complexities of the site, coordinated logistics, and delivered high-quality results that satisfied both the main contractor and the client.



What the client said…

Highly recommend TONA for their exceptional service. We have worked on several projects with Gillian and the team. From precise measurements to timely responses and quotes, their streamlined process makes office furniture installation effortless. They installed and cleaned up with efficiency, ensuring a friendly and hassle-free experience from start to finish.

Lorraine McEvaddy

Facilities Coordinator, HPRA