Block 19, Parkwest Business Campus, Dublin.

TONA provided a turnkey solution for a new headquarters office building at Workhuman Parkwest Business Campus in Dublin.


The Brief

Spanning over 75,500 square feet across eight floors, this project catered to the needs of a staff of 350+.

The client’s vision encompassed a combination of open plan, office, meeting spaces, along with dedicated areas for collaboration, training, canteen and extensive AV and conference functionality. In addition, the project called for the inclusion of a personal exercise areas along with changing and wash areas, reflecting the client’s commitment to employee well-being.

Leveraging our expertise in office fitout and design, we delivered a comprehensive solution that transformed the space into an inspiring and functional environment. Our team meticulously integrated modern technologies, innovative design elements, and ergonomic furniture to create a harmonious and productive workspace.

With a focus on both collaboration and well-being, our turnkey solution successfully met the diverse requirements of the client. Through careful planning and execution, we achieved a seamless integration of various functional areas, enabling staff to thrive and enhance their productivity within the vibrant Workhuman Parkwest Business Campus in Dublin.


The Works

Under a comprehensive design and build contract, TONA successfully executed a project that encompassed meticulous pre-construction due diligence, collaboration with the landlord, and a flawless construction phase. The project, completed over 2 phases, involved a complete strip-out of existing spaces and the installation of new internal finishes, electrical and mechanical services, as well as the procurement and installation of loose and fitted furniture, and bespoke joinery. Phase 1 began in 2017 and took place over a 14 week program for the first 5 floors of open plan, offices, meeting rooms and canteen space. Phase 2 began in 2019 and took place over a 13 week program for full ft out of 3 additional floors and included the remodelling of 2 existing floors.

On going works have continued after the original project with Phase 3 starting in 2023 to upgrade a floor for the creation of a flexible collaboration space and the modernisation and expansion of the canteen facilities and offerings.

Taking full responsibility for subcontractors, TONA ensured a streamlined and efficient workflow throughout the project, resulting in the successful completion of the project within the designated timeframe and budget. With our commitment to delivering excellence, we managed all aspects of the project, from pre-construction assessments to the final installation of furniture and finishes.

This project exemplifies our expertise in design and build, showcasing our ability to navigate complex processes, maintain strong communication with stakeholders, and deliver exceptional results. The collaborative approach, efficient project management, and meticulous attention to detail enabled us to meet and exceed client expectations, ensuring a successful outcome that met both the project timeline and budget.


What the client said…

At Workhuman, we are listening and are crafting the Workplace Experience around our humans, where we prioritise the professional success, health and emotional well-being and safety of our humans above all else. Designing for flexibility is key as it not only reflects where and when work gets done by individuals and teams, it also applies to the elements within the physical workplace that support individual preferences and required work modes. This includes heads down work, team collaboration/ideation, and socialising, all while supporting employee wellbeing.

Partnering with TONA design and build team, we’ve thoughtfully designed our space with employees’ feedback in mind. A place for our employees to collaborate, exchange ideas, catch up with mates, work out, take a class, as well as focus work and meetings that can happen throughout the campus with purpose. Our new workplace goes beyond the physical space into every aspect of the employee experience throughout the workday, tying together space, technology, amenities, and behaviours.

The spirit of camaraderie and shared focus we had with the TONA team was crucial, even when it sometimes proved challenging to realize our vision for our Wellness and Workspaces in a constrained timetable. The TONA team was proactive and helped us navigate our alternatives while providing important feedback on design challenges and creative build solutions that fueled momentum throughout the project’s design, estimating, planning, and execution. We were able to complete our project on schedule and to the highest standards thanks to their site team’s practical experience and strong relationships with their subcontractors and with the high quality of finish we’ve come to expect from our own relationship with TONA. The workplace experience we now offer our Humans has exceeded our expectations.

Jess Klay, VP, Global Workplace Experience Design

Aimee Scanlon, Senior Manager, Workplace Experience